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Air Anatolia


A must-see show: super-group Air Anatolia and a journey into the future of Turkish psychedelia:

Air Anatolia is a unique and ambitious project, inviting trailblazers and contemporary connoisseurs of the Anadolu Pop phenomenon to join forces with artists from the UK’s music scene. The project is produced by the EFG London Jazz Festival in collaboration with Gülbaba Records and supported by the British Council.


The project’s preparations started in March 2022. After months of meticulous and detailed work, the project premiered in Istanbul on October 14, with a mesmerizing and epic show held at Zorlu PSM’s main stage, before meeting with the UK audience in EFG London Jazz Festival on November 18, at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall. Air Anatolia will continue to tour around the globe in the upcoming years.


The three musical directors of Air Anatolia are VEYasin (ModeXL, Hey! Douglas), Tolga Böyük (Islandman) and Al MacSween’in (Maisha, Kefaya). Air Anatolia offers a very rare opportunity to see the big names of Turkish Psychedelic Rock perform on the same stage, together with their young and talented peers. This superband consists of brilliant musicians and soloists such as Cahit Berkay, Ahmet Güvenç, Okay Temiz, Melike Şahin, Murat Ertel, Derya Yıldırım, Tolgahan Çoğulu, Muhlis Berberoğlu, Eralp Güven, Erdem Başer, Ekin Eti, Jake Long, Chelsea Carmichael, Thodoris Ziarkas, Tamar Osborn, Yazz Ahmed, Dunja Botic,Tony Kofi.

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