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Actress, poet, activist and singer Aziza Brahim grew up in a Saharawi refugee camp that lies between Algeria and Western Sahara. Escaping from the camp, she spent over two decades in exile; first, in Cuba and currently in Barcelona. In Cuba she received a scholarship and wanted to study music, but unfortunately got rejected. Aziza then turned back to the refugee camps. It was not until 2000 when she moved to Barcelona.


She is a spokesperson for the Saharawi people and her instrument is her voice and percussions. After three albums, Aziza’s new masterpiece ‘Soutak’, was released on the label Glitterbeat. Soutak was listed on the top in the World Music Charts Europe of 2014. In March this year Aziza will release yet another album, titled Abbar el Hamada (Across the Hamada). It is a musical confrontation about the turbulent times of today.

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#jazz #ethnic sounds

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