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Gülbaba Assos


Gülbaba now has roots in Assos!

As of 2023, Gülbaba Music & Records is set to transfer of a number its projects, shaped around the universe it knows best, i.e. music and all art forms, in a facility in Assos.


Our hard work in the pursuit of our dream has finally yielded results, and we now have at our disposal an ecological, natural, environmentally conscious, eco-touristic-cultural centre in Turkey’s North Aegean region, opposite the radiant surface of the sea, at a mere 15 km’s distance from the ancient site of Assos, in the village of Bademli, so close to the Greek island of Lesbos that its breathtaking view seems as though under our hand’s reach, comprising 6 rooms, 10 bungalows and an area suited for tent pitching amid the oaks, olive and pine trees, making for an overall accommodation capacity of 100 persons, as well as a 100 m2, fully-equipped recording studio.


Trust us, you will be hearing from us soon…

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