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Kerem Görsev; one of the pioneers in Turkish Jazz Music Scene, has been producing, recording and performing acoustic & classic jazz for 30 years. Kerem Görsev has recorded 14 albums so far and by distance he holds the first place at top selling jazz artists list for many years. On Stage Mr. Görsev has worked with many outstanding and Grammy Awarded artists, and introduced them to Turkish Audience. Russell Gunn, Eric Reves, Alvester Garnett, Allan Harris , Ernie Watts and Allan Broadbent are some of them. His works with St. Petersburg & London Philharmonic Orchestras are the only examples of large jazz orchestral works in Turkey. His latest album ‘Therapy ‘ that he recorded with London Philharmonic Orchestra was a Grammy nominee in Large Jazz Ensemble category in 2011.

Kerem Görsev performs with two young and talented musicians , on double bass Kagan Yildiz, who holds a master degree on performance studies on acoustic bass , has been recently nominated as the most talented double bass player of Turkish jazz scene and Ferit Odman, who studied his master degree in New York with legends like Mulgrew Miller and recorded with new ace’s Peter Washington Terell Stafford, Vincent Herring & Anthony Wonsey to name a few. Kerem Görsev offers a very tight and moving performance on stage and original jazz compositions from his city Istanbul to festivals all around the world like Jazz in Marciac Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, Vilnius Jazz Festival , İstanbul Jazz festival and many more…



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