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Melike Şahin, the modern Turkish Diva, shining gem from Istanbul, is a singer, songwriter and composer who navigates across the genres of Middle Eastern and Anatolian pop.

She started her solo career in 2017. Her songs have reached billions of streams over a short period of time. Her personality and talent muster a rapidly growing and solid audience. Melike Şahin released her first album, "Merhem", in 2021. She performed more than 70 concerts during the album's tour in Turkey and went on to play in almost 30 different cities across the globe. In the summer of 2022, she rocked the stage of Roskilde, one of the oldest and largest music festivals in Europe. Known for her ingenuous interpretation, poignant lyrics and eye-catching stage performances, the artist continues to produce non-stop, and collaborate with musicians from all over the world.


#pop #world

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