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Melike Şahin, the modern Turkish Diva, shining gem from Istanbul, singer, songwriter and composer who navigates across Anatolian pop and Middle Eastern sounds, coupling resolutely contemporary and traditional music. The beginning of her dazzling artistic journey led her across 5 continents and over 40 countries as legendary Turkish psychedelic group BaBa ZuLa’s lead singer. With the outset of her solo career in 2017, her songs reached millions of streams, mustering a solid and rapidly growing audience. In 2021, she released her much-awaited debut album, harmoniously blending pop, R&B and disco elements. A memorable London Jazz Festival performance earned her the nickname of “Turkish Sade”. Known for her ingenuously passionate interpretation, poignant lyrics, and powerfully immersive stage performances, Melike Şahin keeps soaring, relentlessly producing, collaborating with musicians all over the world, and winning crowds over everywhere she performs.

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