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Born in 1972, Çanakkale, Murat Meriç is one of the foremost Turkish music researchers focused on the history of popular Turkish music. He published the magazine Müzük with his friends in 1996 and afterwards he joined the crew of Rollmagazine. His articles had been published in several magazines and newspapers such as Birikim, Mürekkep, Milliyet Sanatand Bant. He gave seminars in respectable universities, played retro songs in national and international night clubs, joined festivals. His TV show Kırkbeşlik was on air in TRT for 2 seasons. He prepared a Tülay German album for Kalan Music (“Burçak Tarlası 64-87”, 2001), wrote all of the background articles of Sezen Aksu albums and contributed as a consultant and writer to many albums more. His articles were published in the books “The Republic’s Trends” and “The Republics Sounds” (History Foundation, 1999),

Train is the Life” and “Docking to Pier” (İletişim Yayınları). He has a published book on Turkish pop music history “Pop Dedik” (İletişim Yayınları, 2006) and has several more projects on the go. He writes periodically to Bir+Bir, BirGün andExpress and occasionally to Vatan Kitap and Radikal. He has a radio show on Babylon Radio.

Having worked as a consultant for numerous TV & radio programs, as well as documentaries about Turkish popular music, Murat Meric is one of the foremost researchers and authors dealing with the history of Turkish popular music. Along with his academic and consulting career, he is performing as a DJ at the most popular clubs and events in Turkey, as well as abroad, bringing the most eclectic sounds of his homeland to the world.


#turkish psychedelic

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