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Mustafa Özkent is a Turkish musician, composer, guitarist, maestro and arranger who has began playing music at the age of 5 by playing mandolin and harmonium. In high school he has began to play violin, accordion and drums.

In 1957, he has succeeded in ‘’Ankara State Conservatory’’ exam. Between 1957 and 1960, he has also played viola and guitar in two different bands in high school.

Özkent launched his career as a professional musician in 1960 as the leader of Turkish Pop Group called the "Teenagers’’ located in Ankara. He was a talented guitar player who was known to modify the design of his instruments to create unusual tonal qualities. Same year, he started to play at TRT Ankara Radio (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, national public broadcaster of Turkey) with the Tango Orchestra.

Between 1965 and 1970, he has played with many popular Turkish singers in Istanbul. Since 1970, he has played for studio orchestras and TRT Istanbul Radio Jazz Orchestra as an arranger and guitarist.

In 1973, Mustafa Özkent put together a group off-kilter musicians and stylized fuzzy productions to create best funk world never made. This lost gem is everything break-seekers look for in a record extended jams inventive percussions. Özkent’s band was funky and loose in the way only hyper-disciplined can be, and it’s no surprise that Özkent is a world-class arranger. In the same year, he recorded his ''Aklımda Sen'' and ''Gençlik ile Elele '' albums.

He studied piano, harmony and solfége in ’’L’Académie De musique D’ixelles’’ in Brussels.

He worked for TRT Radio Istanbul Jazz Orchestra as an arranger and guitar player.

In 1976, he worked in big band as guitarist and arranger during the ‘’Montreal Olympic Games’’ in Canada.

In 1977, he built his own band and worked with many Turkish singers at concerts, radio and TV shows.

He made arrangements for more than a hundred Turkish artist’s musical productions.

In 1985, he played Turkish folk songs from his vinyl ’’ELIF’’, with his special extra added frets guitar, in TV shows in Paris.

He played in different bands in USA, Canada, Russia, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

He was a well respected musician by the time this ’’GENÇLİK İLE ELELE’’ (hand in hand with youth) vinyl came out. He played Turkish folk songs which he arranged and harmonized his very own special modal harmonization technic in a new way of synthesized with jazz, rock, funk and pychedelic. In 2006, ’’Finders Keepers Records’’ label in UK was sufficiently knocked out by a copy, he found that this label has recently reissued this lost slice of eastern funk. It found its place on the ''TOP TEN'' lists in many countries since 2006. And lastly in 2015, it has been released again by ’’JACKPOT RECORDS'' label in USA.

Mustafa Özkent’s solo concerts began with ’’Europalia Arts Festival 2015’’ in Brussels, ’’Türkische Delikatessen Festival’’ in Cologne, ’’Le Guess Who Festival’’ in Utrecht and ’’Babylon’’ in Istanbul. In these concerts, he was accompanied by the ’’BELÇİKA ORKESTRASI’’ which is consisting of Belgian musicians as 2 guitars, 2 drums, 2 percussions, bass and keyboard…

In the 56th year of his professional music life, Mustafa Özkent is now going on playing Turkish folk music according to Turkish music modality and classical Turkish music performances by his extra frets added guitar and working on modality music harmonization.


#turkish psychedelic jazz rock

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